Clark (Iowa) rides James Guilbon (Penn St) to a 4-2 win. 

Defending NCAA champ and undefeated Nick

Gwiazdowski uses his double leg to beat Connor Medberry (Wisc) 6-3.

Adam Coon (Mich) needed overtime to beat Mike McMullan (NW)  3-1.

Kyven Gadson (Iowa St) continued to have an outstanding tournament run beating Conner Hartman (Duke) 4-1.


Brown (Lehigh) beat Kenny Courts (Ohio St) 4-0.

Top seed Gabe

Dean (Corn) needed overtime to beat Victor Avery (Edin). 


Wilps (Pitt) controls Kyle Crutchmer (Okla St). Wilps won 3-1 in overtime.

Kyle Synder (Ohio St) upset defending NCAA champ J'Den Cox (Mizz) to give Ohio State an insurmountable  lead.

Matt Brown kept Penn State's hope alive for an NCAA champ winning 1-0.


Walsh (Indiana) lifts Ethan Ramos (UNC) to win 5-0.

Defending NCAA champ Alex Dieringer  (Okla St)  throws Bo Jordan (Ohio St) and remained unbeaten with a 6-1 decision.

Brian Realbuto (Corn) upends 2013 NCAA finalist Dylan Ness (Minn). Ness broke his collarbone on this move and defaulted. 

Unbeaten and  top seeded Isaiah Martinez (Ill) takes James Green (Neb) to the mat en route to a 3-2 victory.

David Habat (Edin) upset defending champ Jason Tsirtsis (NW) 3-2.

Top seed Drake

Houdashelt (Mizz) lifts Chris Villalonga (Corn) to win 4-0.

Top seeded and unbeaten 3-time defending champ Logan

Stieber (Ohio St)  beat Kevin Jack (NC St) 11-5.


Port (Edin) stops Chris Mecate (ODU) 14-2.


Moisey (WV) pinned Thomas Gilman (Iowa) with this overhead cradle.

Cody Brewer  (Okla) charged into top seed Chris Dardanes (Minn) to win 15-3.

Nathan Tomasello (Ohio St) beat the top seed Alan Waters (Mizz) 4-2.

285 lbs.

197 lbs.

184 lbs.

174 lbs.

165 lbs.

157 lbs.

149 lbs.

141 lbs.

133 lbs.

125 lbs.

125 - Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) dec. Alan Waters (Missouri) 4-2

         - Zeke Moisey (West Virginia) pinned Thomas Gilman (Iowa) :52

133 - Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) maj.dec. Chris Dardenes (Minnesota)

         - Cory Clark (Iowa) dec. James Guilbon (Penn State) 7-5

141 - Logan Stieber (Ohio State) maj.dec Kevin Jack (NCarolina State) 12-2

         - Mitchell Port (Edinboro) m.dec. Chris Mecante (Old Dominion) 14-2

149 - Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) dec. Chris Villalonga (Cornell) 4-0

         -  David Habat (Edinboro) dec. Jason Tsirstsis (Northwestern)

157 - Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) dec. James Green (Nebraska) 3-2

         - Brian Realbuto (Cornell) def. Dylan Ness (Minnesota) inj.default

165 - Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) dec. Bo Jordan (Ohio State) 6-1

         - Tyler Walsh (Indiana) dec. Ethan Ramos (NCarolina State) 5-0

174 -  Tyler Wilps (Pitt) dec. Kyle Crutchner (Okla State) 3-1 OT

         - Matt Brown (Penn State) dec.Mike Evans (Iowa) 1-0

184 - Gabe Dean (Cornell) dec. Victor Avery (Edinboro) 4-3 OT

         - Nate Brown (Lehigh) dec. Kenny Courts (Ohio State) 4-0

197-  Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) dec. J'Den Cox (Missouri) 3-2

         - Kyven Gadson (Iowa State) dec. Conner Hartmann (Duke) 4-1

285 - Nick Gwiazdowski (NCarolina State) vs Mike Medberry (Wis) 6-3

         - Adam Coon (Michigan) dec.Mike McMullen (Northwestern) 3-1 OT


 1.  Ohio State (86.5)
 2,  Iowa (73)
 3. Cornell (66.5)
 4. Edinboro (64.5)
 5. Missouri (60)
 6. Penn State (58)
 7. Oklahoma State (55.5)
 8. Minnesota (49)
 8. Nebraska (49)
10. Michigan (26.5)